Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ribbon Bookmark

Welcome again to Thankful Thursday at Crazy About Cricut! This week, we're making bookmarks! For this ribbon bookmark, I found a really great tutorial on Such Treasures. First, we need to start out with a ribbon that is 42 inches long. I found that pony beads have the right size opening, otherwise you can ruin your ribbon trying to make it fit through the smaller beads, like I did trying to squeeze some littler beads on :)

To start your bookmark you'll need:
* 42 inch long bargain ribbon, 1/4” wide, grosgrain or satin
* Pony beads (6 or 8 for each bookmark)
* Charm (1 for each bookmark)
* Darning needle (optional but very helpful)

First, thread the charm and put it in the middle. Knot the ribbon at the base of the charm. Put a double knot at about 1-1/2 inches down from the charm. Thread the pony beads and another big fancy bead onto both ribbon ends. (Using a darning needle helps.) Put another double knot under the pony beads. Then finally, trim the ends of the ribbon cleanly and on the diagonal for a great finished look. I also burned the ends of the ribbon so that they wouldn't fray.

To use this great bookmark, you slip it through the cover of your book between the two ribbons. Keep the charm at the top and the beads at the bottom. Then you just slide the beads up until it fits the size of your book and it stays in place! And you have instant jewelry for your book!

You'll want to make sure to head over to Crazy About Cricut and check out all the awesome Design Team projects and enter your family's project! You can enter to win an AMAZING prize pack from Post-It!! Have a wonderful day!


girlia said...

very nice. You can never have enough book marks.

Esther said...

Super cute, what a neat idea!

My 3 E Scrapbooking said...

Hello Rayna! Sorry I've been MIA. We finally took a much needed vacation! The bookmark looks so cute! I'm sure my girls would love making these! They would make very nice gifts too! Thanks for the idea! Hope you are enjoying your summer :)