Monday, March 28, 2011

My Mind's Eye eye candy

Saturday, I went to the Scrapbook Expo, in Sandy, Utah- with Rayna. There were a lot of great deals there. It still isn't as good as it used to be. Ten years ago they had a ton
of free make and takes, etc. But my favorite thing at the expo is always My
Mind's Eye
(and the cute guys that sell it) Seriously, if they had a poster of all of the
cute guys in their cute brown My Mind's Eye shirts, I would possibly buy it
:) Some have been around a while, and if you know them by name- they will
work out a deal with you. My Mind's Eye products ROCK!! Here is a short
video of KC, who is super cute and a lot of laughs. *Don't worry, my hubby
knows all about my scrapbooking crushes. :)

(the video is old, but it is all
I could find- I didn't bring my camera to the show :(
seriously, cracks me up :) And guys talking about glitter without laughing
is just cool. Go check out the My Mind's Eye Blog,
who would totally get more views if they had KC, Nick or Jason, did I miss
anyone?? Did I tell you their product is awesome to decorate with because it
is so sturdy?
I have to add Tim Holtz to the scrapbook crush list. (Confession, when Rayna said at the show 'There is Tim Holtz!' I about passed out, but she meant Tim Holtz's embossing folders. LOL
Who is on your Scrapbook crush list ?
-Paper Panther :)


Esther said...

I've got Tim Holtz's autograph on a make-n-take I did at his booth at CHA several years ago!

Amber said...

Hehehe!! I don't get the opportunity to go to shows. I never knew about the "team" at them. My sister and I may have to pack our bags and roadtrip to CHA this summer! I've only had a crush on my actual paper. My husband sometimes jokes at night that I would love him more if he were a piece of paper or a cricut. I probably would, poor guy(just joking...I love him more than it all). Thanks for sharing this fun video tonight! He made me laugh so hard talking about glitter and about hoping he doesn't have ugly kids that I woke my hubby up! He made that comment everytime I was pregnant and I would remind him that every one of God's gifts are beautiful. Must be a guy thing!